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Key Benefits of Building with SIP Self-Build Systems

Building with SIPS technology from SIPCO you should be able to take advantage of reduced build programmes enabling your home to be completed much faster than conventional building methods. 

If your building design facilitates habitable living space in the roof zone – Room-in-the-Roof, then SIPS are a fantastic solution to ensuring maximum space availability whilst providing superb thermal performance and limited air leakage.  The reduced zone required for a SIP roof system (typically 150mm or 175mm) optimises space standards and Glulam ridge beams and purlins can be left exposed to create a feature beam.

Procuring your ‘SIP-kit’ from SIPCO is the first step in ensuring your new home is energy efficient and has minimum thermal bridging.  SIPS are designed to incorporate air-tight joints and reduced junctions where thermal bridging would normally occur. SIPCO’s insulated spline connection system reduces thermal bridging even further by in effect providing additional insulation at each panel to panel junction – see our Energy Efficiency section for full technical details.