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Performance Gap

Understanding and addressing the performance gap is an industry-wide challenge, and one that SIPS technology can help to significantly address.

Creating a clear overview of the building delivery process is considered an important task in order to provide a structure for considering the various potential issues and technologies. There are multiple building delivery routes within the industry. Varying business model approaches are used by large, medium and small builders, in addition to differing contract types such as ‘Design and Build’ or ‘Materials and Labour’. The potential routes to procure professional services, materials, and products, at varying development scales, add a further layer of complexity.

The materials, components and systems used to create buildings clearly have a significant role in their energy performance. There are many concerns regarding the appropriateness of design performance when related to ‘as-built’ performance. Products and materials are generally tested in isolation, as individual components, not as systems or fabric assemblies constructed on site.  This is where the SIPCO ‘system’ offers up a robust solution by being a fully integrated package – helping to take away the main concerns regarding the influence of procurement on the performance gap, related to product substitution and the knowledge and skills of those making procurement decisions (be they the procurement team, site managers, contractors, or sub-contractors), as SIPCO ‘hold the hand’ of clients throughout the design, specification, supply and installation activity and ensure that robust design is not compromised.