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Energy Efficiency

With SIPS offering both high levels of insulation and air-tightness they are the logical choice for building designers looking to specify a building system capable of meeting high BREEAM or Passivhaus energy efficiency criteria.

Our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) offer a solution to the strict requirements of Building Regulations, BREEAM and Passivhaus standards, giving system U-values as low as 0.09 W/m²K, with minimal heat loss via thermal-bridging (Y-value).

The Y-value is a measure of the total heat loss expected from all of the thermal bridge losses in all of the junctions in the building. The SIPCO system has a typical Y-value of 0.025 W/m².K exceeding the accredited and enhanced construction details values of 0.08 and 0.04 W/m².K respectively.

Insulated structural joints and connections combined with the exacting panel tolerances make SIPS one of the easier ways to achieve low levels of air leakage - as low as 0.6 m³/m²hr@ 50 pascals air pressure as standard. Additional tape can be used to reach even tighter Passivhaus standards.