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BBA Product Accreditation Certification

BBASelecting BBA approved products is a sure way to avoid problems at a number of stages in the building process and queries about the performance of key products. Specifiers can be sure that BBA approved products will meet the criteria set out in the relevant Agrément Certificates as manufacturers are subject to surveillance and Certificate Review to ensure the approved specification is always being met by the manufacturer.

SIPCO offer fully accredited British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved structural insulated panel systems (SIPS).  The BBA is the UK's major authority offering approval and certification services to manufacturers and installers supplying the construction industry.

The BBA's work benefits many sectors of the construction industry, from the manufacturers who obtain Agrément Certificates for their products, through to distributors, installers, contractors, architects and engineers, building control and ultimately the consumers who occupy buildings.

For over 40 years manufacturers have been using Agrément Certificates to underpin the fitness for purpose of their products and SIPCO identified the benefits of this as part of the business strategy.

Agrément Certificates are recognised throughout the UK by architects, engineers and building control personnel and complement manufacturers' own technical data with the BBA's impartial and unbiased information on the performance of the product.

Building Control personnel throughout the UK have always been great supporters of Agrément Certificates. The focus on the compliance (or contribution to compliance) with relevant Building Regulations in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in Agrément Certificates has always been the prime consideration of any assessment by the BBA and the installation data in Certificates has helped many a building control officer on site or in discussions with contractors or developers.

Design professionals find the unbiased performance information in Agrément Certificates of great value in their work and both professions are represented on both the BBA's Technical Advisory Committee and Governing Board.

Companies and individuals using products with Agrément Certificates can do so in the knowledge that they will perform, if installed in accordance with the guidance in the Certificate, exactly as set out in the Certificate.

The BBA works closely with regulatory authorities throughout the UK as well as with housing warranty bodies to ensure Agrément Certificates are accepted nationwide.  If work is to be inspected by building control, the NHBC or any other industry professionals, the use of approved products should avoid any problems with compliance with Building Regulation or other issues.  Ultimately, the BBA's role is to protect the consumer e.g. the householder or those occupying buildings, by providing reassurance to users, designers, insurers and regulators.    

Download the SIPCO BBA Certificate